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Most people spend a bunch of time thinking about how happy we will be when we “finally make it”. Only a few of us make a plan showing how we will get ourselves the personal and professional growth and development we need to “make it”. It is 100% on you to make sure you get the resources you need to bring yourself and the people you love the growth and success you deserve. This is a refueling depot for that journey.

My question is, will your road there be exceptionally long…or not? The choice is yours. is a resource designed to help shorten your journey by providing resources you can take with you along the way.

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Wish and Dream Wisely

Most of us discover success isn’t actually a destination. I offer that it is instead a purposeful journey of growth in the various areas of our lives. We gain this purposeful growth though active leadership and management of what comes into and goes out of our own lives and the lives of those around us.

The Circles we Draw

There is a wise telling of how people see themselves in relation to the world around them. Some draw a circle close around with only them inside. Everything outside the circle is a threat, opportunity, or irreverent. Others crave family or a very few close companions who are like family. That same circle grows bigger and surrounds them as well as their kin. A few others draw even bigger circles and care for groups of people they have no direct relation to.

  • I propose that no matter what size our circle is, our purpose is the same. We all must find growth for those within the circles we draw.

We must manage everything we do in a way that leads to growth for those within.

The Growth and Development of People is the Highest Calling of Leadership. ~Harvey S. Firestone

3 Responses to Success

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  2. NLK says:

    I am just exploring for sample income generating activities business plan for NGO work at grass root for poor people. The idea of the business in thought is hairdressing services, computer and business centers to raise income to support the poor people

  3. Seth Haigh says:

    Hi there,

    I’m following up on some of the comments people have made to see how things have worked out for them. How did the business plan you mentioned turn out? Did you set up a hairdressing service / business as you hoped?

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