What to Include in a Resume


Over the past 25 years I’ve helped countless co-workers, supervisors, fellow-students, my own students, friends, and family figure out what to include in a resume. I’ve also personally helped a few dozen people get hired based on a resume we wrote or rewrote together. After researching what works today (as part of updating my own resume), I decided it was time to write a blog post answering … Continue reading

How to Negotiate (Priceless Fundamentals)


Knowing how to negotiate is a key part of successfully executing strategy in pretty much every aspect of your life. The truth is that resources are limited. With limited resources, you’ll find that if you give out more than you take in, you’ll end up with less than when you started. In relationships, business, career, salary, sales, purchases, real estate, good deals and pretty much every other … Continue reading

What is Relationship Marketing


What is Relationship Marketing? First, it is nothing new. Relationship Marketing (in its basic forms) has been around since the beginning of human history. Truly successful businesses have always benefited from developing and nurturing healthy relationships within their target market. Dictionary.com defines it as, “a marketing strategy in which a company seeks to build long-term relationships with its customers by providing consistent satisfaction”. Wikipedia explains, “Relationship marketing … Continue reading

How to Interview – the Process & Elevator Speech


How to Interview – the Process & Elevator Speech Tina asked: I applied for a job online at a really large company, got a missed call from someone from their HR department that If I am still interested in the position call her back. I am going to return her call. Should I be prepared for a phone interview? I mean, what is the process? do they … Continue reading

Free Beer With Dinner!


Free Beer With Dinner Free beer is a good thing, but the fundamental theme of this video post includes a tip that will make sure sustainable results if you are looking to increase your revenue per customer. It doesn’t matter if you are getting your sales staff focused on inside sales, up-selling, and marketing added services. It doesn’t even matter if you have a sales staff. If … Continue reading

Tips for Using Social Media


Tips for Using Social Media to Grow Your Business Everyone benefits from good tips for using social media. Hopefully, this post will do that and go the extra mile too. Since the birth commerce, merchants have dreamed about how great it would be if they could spread awareness of their products and brand, dramatically increase their customer base, and make more sales without spending anymore money (or … Continue reading

How Important Are Socks?


How important are your socks? That may seem like a rhetorical question, but it isn’t. I am asking you, how important are good socks to you? There are days when I wake and find myself rummaging endlessly around my top draw. On these days, I am usually disappointed and find only old, worn, torn, or miss-matching socks. On these days, even the little things seem to be … Continue reading

Residual, Perpetual & Passive Income Machines – 5 of 5


Step #5: Attract Traffic to Your New Passive Income Site Now you have figured out what you can motivate on, done the research to see what parts of that people are searching for info/products on, found relevant products to promote (or sell organically), and built your website. Phew! Now you built it they will come…right? Not so much. We have more work to do first. Just keep … Continue reading

Residual, Perpetual & Passive Income Machines – 3 of 5


Step #3: Find a Relevant Product to Generate Passive Income Life is full of decisions. As we are only looking at options that generate passive income, this choice has potential to work-out well regardless of what path you choose. I love those types of decisions. The challenge is deciding what path will work out better for you (while considering all aspects of your life). In step 1, … Continue reading

Residual, Perpetual & Passive Income Machines – 1 of 5


Perpetual, Residual, & Passive Income Machines I am a firm believer in the concept of, reaping what we sow. If we didn’t plant it or help the person who did, we should not enjoy the fruits of that labor. Unless we are invited to do so by the person who labored, it would be theft. If we pass by seeds freely offered only to find ourselves wanting … Continue reading

Website Loads Slow? Make it Faster!

This post and a new category of post named “Quick Tips” were prompted by questions/comments from a guest named Johnnie. I already answered those questions in a reply comment, but am elaborating on them here because I think others may benefit from the same info. Johnnie…thank you for the nice comment and the questions! The comment/question was as follows, “Nice blog here! Also your web site loads … Continue reading

Drip, Relationship, & Nuture Marketing


Nurture Marketing is an approach … (practical implementation) toward building relationships with customers. It is based on a relationship building philosophy. As with other relationships, we see good things happen in business when we act in accordance with an internalized set of emotionally intelligent principles. As with most schools of thought, one might wonder if Nurture Marketing is simply a combination of earlier schools of thought. It … Continue reading