Small Business Survival & Principles That Help


Small Business Survival: Small Business Survival depends heavily on developing good strategy, principles and tactics. This article/post focuses on principles, for a better understanding of strategy, read my article/post titled (What is Strategy?). If your small business will survive; you must first understand the importance of strategy and principles. You must also apply the fundamental principles that ensure success in a competitive business environment. One of the … Continue reading

Questions to Ensure Business Plan Success


Asking tough questions helps ensure business plan success. Starting a business is tough and making it grow successful is even tougher. If you took the time to make a plan, you realize good plans lay the foundation for successful businesses. If you want your success to last, get feedback on your plan early and often. The most objective (and often best) feedback comes from people who know … Continue reading

Don’t need a Small Business Exit Strategy – Think again!


Plan ahead for your Small Business Exit Strategy – The Basics In all aspects of life, an exit strategy can come in handy if you find yourself needing to extract yourself from a given situation. In romance, this is referred to as coyote love because is the point where you’re willing to chew your own leg off to get out of the trap you find yourself in. … Continue reading

Living on Purpose


How to Start Living on Purpose Lots of people have written all sorts of obvious stuff about living on purpose. What isn’t plainly obvious is what happens as a result of not living on purpose. If you want to see the outcome of letting others determine your destiny, truly listen to any person who blames others or “the system” for their lot in life. Inversely, listen to … Continue reading

Got a Life Plan?


A life plan is a recipe for success in your life. Ever cook without a recipe? The consequences of not having a life plan are a pretty messy thing to clean up. Yes, the recipe above is somewhat of a joke. However, Having a Life Plan is No Joke! Most people get that, but still find themselves wondering how to get started. You may want to start … Continue reading

10 Steps to Website Success – Overview

Ten Steps to Website Success: Overview Hello! This is Seth Haigh (CEO and founder of This overview blog precedes 10 “chapters”. The chapters split into smaller bite-sized blogs for easier reading. Each blog addresses a set of related processes. To view all related blogs, select the Website Success category. That will sort them out for your viewing pleasure and to help you build your own site. … Continue reading

10 Step Business Plan PDF


First download one of our BUSINESS PLAN PDF files from our resource center. Next, read this blog on Building a Business Plan for a Startup Business Building a Productive Business Plan Hello again! I’m Seth Haigh (founder of and I think you’ll really enjoy and benefit from this (and a couple other) of our “Series Blogs”. As the title indicates, this one focuses on startup business … Continue reading

Written Goals are Undeniable


The power of writing out your goals is hidden in our absurd tendency to believe anything we read is true simply because someone wrote it down. Still trying not to believe me? Then explain the success of gossip columns, tabloids, self-help books, newspapers? Every article, video, and audio byte we see has an amazing impact on us. We feel as if we researched the topic, read the … Continue reading