Learn Acoustic Guitar Songs at Home

Learn Acoustic Guitar Songs

Learn Acoustic Guitar Songs at Home After a recent surgery, I found myself looking for things to keep stress down and a good attitude up. I found exactly that when I picked up my step-daughter’s guitar and decided to learn acoustic guitar songs while I healed from surgery. At 45 years old, I was surprised to find a free, easy, fun, and healthy hobby that had similar emotional, … Continue reading

How to Improve your Communication


The world around you improves each time you ask yourself and others how to improve your communication abilities. Everyone knows how to communicate…right? The truth is everyone does communicate. However, some of us seem to do it better than others? If you’re anything like me, you want to put and keep yourself in the group of people who do communicate better than the average person. Especially when … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Quotes & Toast


The tradition of the Thanksgiving Quotes and Toast exists in many forms in homes across the world. It is often as simple as a lone traveler thinking few quiet thoughts over a meal at a truck-stop. Sometimes, it coalesces from the hearts of soldiers, sailors, and airman who share a meal on foreign soils (god bless and thank you). Other times it takes on tradition across the … Continue reading

How to Interview – the Process & Elevator Speech


How to Interview – the Process & Elevator Speech Tina asked: I applied for a job online at a really large company, got a missed call from someone from their HR department that If I am still interested in the position call her back. I am going to return her call. Should I be prepared for a phone interview? I mean, what is the process? do they … Continue reading

Tips for Using Social Media


Tips for Using Social Media to Grow Your Business Everyone benefits from good tips for using social media. Hopefully, this post will do that and go the extra mile too. Since the birth commerce, merchants have dreamed about how great it would be if they could spread awareness of their products and brand, dramatically increase their customer base, and make more sales without spending anymore money (or … Continue reading

Don’t need a Small Business Exit Strategy – Think again!


Plan ahead for your Small Business Exit Strategy – The Basics In all aspects of life, an exit strategy can come in handy if you find yourself needing to extract yourself from a given situation. In romance, this is referred to as coyote love because is the point where you’re willing to chew your own leg off to get out of the trap you find yourself in. … Continue reading

Motivate – Showing up is half the battle

The next time you are struggling to motivate yourself to take a risk and try something you care about, think about this… Working with a client today presented me an interesting opportunity. We attended two state agency run classes. The first class was an orientation for the license application process. The second class was an operations management course for daycare centers. In case you haven’t already guessed, … Continue reading

Website Loads Slow? Make it Faster!

This post and a new category of post named “Quick Tips” were prompted by questions/comments from a guest named Johnnie. I already answered those questions in a reply comment, but am elaborating on them here because I think others may benefit from the same info. Johnnie…thank you for the nice comment and the questions! The comment/question was as follows, “Nice blog here! Also your web site loads … Continue reading