Handling Difficult People

Handling Difficult People

Handling Difficult People We all eventually find ourselves trying to improve our skills for handling difficult people. There is likely even someone you know who sets you off like an atomic bomb. Maybe they constantly criticize you, put you down in front of others, take credit for your good work, constantly kiss up to the boss, or can never admit they are wrong. That list could go … Continue reading

Why am I always so angry?


Have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I always so angry”? Understanding why people find themselves asking that question is an issue for hiring authorities, HR types, supervisors, teachers, parents, civic leaders, and individuals alike. This hit home for me recently while I listened to helicopters hovering over my step-daughter’s school and our town. While El Segundo is by no means a small town, it is the … Continue reading

Down Time for Surgery


Hey there! I will be taking a little down time from blogging & maintaining the MTG website. This is so I can have a surgery to repair an old injury that has been making life more difficult that it needs to be. The surgery is tomorrow, so I’ll be thinking about my next blog from then until I recover enough to type. I’m also thinking it would … Continue reading

What is Relationship Marketing


What is Relationship Marketing? First, it is nothing new. Relationship Marketing (in its basic forms) has been around since the beginning of human history. Truly successful businesses have always benefited from developing and nurturing healthy relationships within their target market. Dictionary.com defines it as, “a marketing strategy in which a company seeks to build long-term relationships with its customers by providing consistent satisfaction”. Wikipedia explains, “Relationship marketing … Continue reading

Difference between Helping and Enabling


Difference between Helping and Enabling Relationship marketing requires a great deal of emotional intelligence. Lots of people get out there, and establish relationships with their target market only to find out months or years later that there is no reciprocation to be enjoyed. A large part of why and how this happens relates to the difference between helping customers and enabling them. When you help, you do … Continue reading

Do mean girls get the nice guys?


A Question on Mean girls Kate Asked: “Is it true that the nicer you are to your partner, the less they respect you? Is that why all the mean girls get the nice guys?” Good Question Kate, I think it has more to do with what people are looking for. Nice guys are nice because they are trying to fill a need. This need may be social … Continue reading