Is Change Really the Unstopable Force?

Is Change Inevitable? Are you being pushed around by change? Take control and drive change in your life! Over my life, I have had quite a few people tell me, “The only sure bet in ______ is change”. You can fill in the blank with any noun and that sentence will eventually prove itself to be true. Go ahead! Try to prove me wrong. You can’t do … Continue reading

Bulletproof! – How do we become “Bulletproof”?


How do we become Bulletproof? In order to become “Bulletproof” at a task, I hedge my “cost ≤ benefit bet”. I do this by knowing and actively managing my “self”. To explore that, we will have to swim in the deep end of the thought pool…swim this lap with me and we shall learn as we go. My first significant wartime experience included a perception of little … Continue reading

Bulletproof! – Why do we have periods of success and failure?


What is bulletproof? Pretty much everyone has heard the term “bulletproof”. If you haven’t, email me and I’ll set you straight. That said, I’m not sure if you have heard the expression in the context of leadership risk. I’ve been lucky enough to have three mentors in the same organization explain it to me over my 25 year career therein. Each time the term came up I … Continue reading