Find a Good Free PDF Editor


Find a Good Free PDF Editor What is a Good Free PDF Editor? In one of the forums I frequent, I was given the chance to answer this question that may be helpful for others. So, I’m sharing it with you in a quick Q&A Post. To see others like this, select the Question and Answer Category from the group of categories in the sidebar of this … Continue reading

How do you get a blog?


People often ask, “How do you get a blog?” Once someone explains the basics, building a website is not as hard as you may have previously thought. In this blog, I’ll walk you through the high level steps that you need to follow in order to set-up your own website. A true beginner should set a simple “dummy” site first. Build one for your cat if you … Continue reading

Residual, Perpetual & Passive Income Machines – 2 of 5


Welcome to Step 2 of Residual, Perpetual & Passive Income Machines Step #2: Research Need and Competition There are lots of ways to do this. I will discuss a select few that come without any cost & are at your fingertips every day. The reason this step is to find out what a large number people are searching for solutions to. If people are searching for solutions … Continue reading

10 Steps to Website Success – Overview

Ten Steps to Website Success: Overview Hello! This is Seth Haigh (CEO and founder of This overview blog precedes 10 “chapters”. The chapters split into smaller bite-sized blogs for easier reading. Each blog addresses a set of related processes. To view all related blogs, select the Website Success category. That will sort them out for your viewing pleasure and to help you build your own site. … Continue reading

Website Loads Slow? Make it Faster!

This post and a new category of post named “Quick Tips” were prompted by questions/comments from a guest named Johnnie. I already answered those questions in a reply comment, but am elaborating on them here because I think others may benefit from the same info. Johnnie…thank you for the nice comment and the questions! The comment/question was as follows, “Nice blog here! Also your web site loads … Continue reading

Overwhelmed & Unfocused? You may have a “Digital Dust” Allergy

Overwhelmed and Unfocused? If you are anything like me, you have days when you want to be productive and just can’t seem to get your game face on. Sometimes, I try as hard as possible all day & night and still feel less productive than a paperweight. Even after a good nights sleep, coffee, exercise and a review of my written goals, there are times I can’t … Continue reading