Learn Acoustic Guitar Songs at Home

Learn Acoustic Guitar Songs

Learn Acoustic Guitar Songs at Home After a recent surgery, I found myself looking for things to keep stress down and a good attitude up. I found exactly that when I picked up my step-daughter’s guitar and decided to learn acoustic guitar songs while I healed from surgery. At 45 years old, I was surprised to find a free, easy, fun, and healthy hobby that had similar emotional, … Continue reading

Healing Power of Music

healing power of music

A Personal Experience with the Healing Power of Music Over the past few years, life taught me some unexpected lessons (a good thing). One lesson includes a greater respect for the healing power of music. This lesson wasn’t learned in a classroom, book or from a friend. Instead, it was experienced firsthand. 30,000 Foot View of My Life Over the past 45 years, my time was spent … Continue reading

How Important Are Socks?


How important are your socks? That may seem like a rhetorical question, but it isn’t. I am asking you, how important are good socks to you? There are days when I wake and find myself rummaging endlessly around my top draw. On these days, I am usually disappointed and find only old, worn, torn, or miss-matching socks. On these days, even the little things seem to be … Continue reading

Project X Style Mentorship on Problem Solving


Problem Solving and Opportunity Enhancing Skills Optimists see life as full of opportunity while pessimist see the same life as full of problems. Optimist’s cups are half full vs. pessimists cups being half empty. Heard that before? I have, and it is an important first step. Positioning your attitude is a critical first step in any process. Then what? Is it all happy time from there? Will … Continue reading