Free Beer With Dinner!

Free Beer With Dinner Free Beer on Other Side of Road

Free beer is a good thing, but the fundamental theme of this video post includes a tip that will make sure sustainable results if you are looking to increase your revenue per customer.

It doesn’t matter if you are getting your sales staff focused on inside sales, up-selling, and marketing added services. It doesn’t even matter if you have a sales staff. If you take it to heart, your sales will manage to grow in a sustainable way.

Here are some excellent reasons why giving with grace will push your sales through the roof.

  • People love free beer / stuff – and they are willing to go out of their way for it.
  • People love free beer / stuff – and they will buy stuff they don’t really need to get it.
  • Free stuff (especially beer and dinner) is worth telling friends about (referrals).
  • Good free stuff (even just extra effort & kindness) makes a memory brings customers back.
  • Your staff will feel good giving away free beer / stuff.
  • Your customers will feel good getting free beer /stuff.
  • When people a few people in a group feel good, the positive attitude is contagious to the rest.
  • If your margins are tight, you don’t have to give everyone free stuff
    • Instead, go the extra mile in attitude for everyone and give a good deal with free stuff to a select few who qualify by being frequent/repeat customers, referring a friend, or for public service.
    • This is what retail stores with store cards are doing, you earn points to get free stuff or a discount and that encourages brand loyalty.

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– Written by Seth Haigh

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