When One Door Closes another Door Opens

When One Door Closes another Door Opens You have likely heard the phrase, “When one door closes another door opens.” I heard it first a few years back. At the time, I was focusing so hard on the what I was losing I almost missed the meaning in the words. However, later that day it came back to mind. For a few minutes, I wondered what they … Continue reading

Learn Acoustic Guitar Songs at Home

Learn Acoustic Guitar Songs

Learn Acoustic Guitar Songs at Home After a recent surgery, I found myself looking for things to keep stress down and a good attitude up. I found exactly that when I picked up my step-daughter’s guitar and decided to learn acoustic guitar songs while I healed from surgery. At 45 years old, I was surprised to find a free, easy, fun, and healthy hobby that had similar emotional, … Continue reading

Healing Power of Music

healing power of music

A Personal Experience with the Healing Power of Music Over the past few years, life taught me some unexpected lessons (a good thing). One lesson includes a greater respect for the healing power of music. This lesson wasn’t learned in a classroom, book or from a friend. Instead, it was experienced firsthand. 30,000 Foot View of My Life Over the past 45 years, my time was spent … Continue reading

Handling Difficult People

Handling Difficult People

Handling Difficult People We all eventually find ourselves trying to improve our skills for handling difficult people. There is likely even someone you know who sets you off like an atomic bomb. Maybe they constantly criticize you, put you down in front of others, take credit for your good work, constantly kiss up to the boss, or can never admit they are wrong. That list could go … Continue reading

What to Include in a Resume


Over the past 25 years I’ve helped countless co-workers, supervisors, fellow-students, my own students, friends, and family figure out what to include in a resume. I’ve also personally helped a few dozen people get hired based on a resume we wrote or rewrote together. After researching what works today (as part of updating my own resume), I decided it was time to write a blog post answering … Continue reading

How to Improve your Communication


The world around you improves each time you ask yourself and others how to improve your communication abilities. Everyone knows how to communicate…right? The truth is everyone does communicate. However, some of us seem to do it better than others? If you’re anything like me, you want to put and keep yourself in the group of people who do communicate better than the average person. Especially when … Continue reading

Ten Time Proven Principles of Success


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10 Time Proven Principles of Success Ever wish a book of answers to life’s questions would fall out of the sky? Careful, it may land on your head. Here is Chapter 1 – The Principles of Success. I recently came across a list of 10 factors the Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) published in answer to the question, “What is the Secret of Success?”. The IBD studied industry … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Quotes & Toast


The tradition of the Thanksgiving Quotes and Toast exists in many forms in homes across the world. It is often as simple as a lone traveler thinking few quiet thoughts over a meal at a truck-stop. Sometimes, it coalesces from the hearts of soldiers, sailors, and airman who share a meal on foreign soils (god bless and thank you). Other times it takes on tradition across the … Continue reading

How to Negotiate (Priceless Fundamentals)


Knowing how to negotiate is a key part of successfully executing strategy in pretty much every aspect of your life. The truth is that resources are limited. With limited resources, you’ll find that if you give out more than you take in, you’ll end up with less than when you started. In relationships, business, career, salary, sales, purchases, real estate, good deals and pretty much every other … Continue reading

Small Business Survival & Principles That Help


Small Business Survival: Small Business Survival depends heavily on developing good strategy, principles and tactics. This article/post focuses on principles, for a better understanding of strategy, read my article/post titled (What is Strategy?). If your small business will survive; you must first understand the importance of strategy and principles. You must also apply the fundamental principles that ensure success in a competitive business environment. One of the … Continue reading

Why am I always so angry?


Have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I always so angry”? Understanding why people find themselves asking that question is an issue for hiring authorities, HR types, supervisors, teachers, parents, civic leaders, and individuals alike. This hit home for me recently while I listened to helicopters hovering over my step-daughter’s school and our town. While El Segundo is by no means a small town, it is the … Continue reading

Down Time for Surgery


Hey there! I will be taking a little down time from blogging & maintaining the MTG website. This is so I can have a surgery to repair an old injury that has been making life more difficult that it needs to be. The surgery is tomorrow, so I’ll be thinking about my next blog from then until I recover enough to type. I’m also thinking it would … Continue reading

What is Strategy?


What is Strategy? When we start wondering, “What is a Business Strategy”, we are usually playing around with a new or important idea. This leads us to question what exactly strategy is and what strategy will work best for our unique situation. We do this because we rightfully “want” to succeed. Be Warned Success is important and having a perfect strategy will make sure we don’t fail…right? … Continue reading

What is Relationship Marketing


What is Relationship Marketing? First, it is nothing new. Relationship Marketing (in its basic forms) has been around since the beginning of human history. Truly successful businesses have always benefited from developing and nurturing healthy relationships within their target market. Dictionary.com defines it as, “a marketing strategy in which a company seeks to build long-term relationships with its customers by providing consistent satisfaction”. Wikipedia explains, “Relationship marketing … Continue reading

Difference between Helping and Enabling


Difference between Helping and Enabling Relationship marketing requires a great deal of emotional intelligence. Lots of people get out there, and establish relationships with their target market only to find out months or years later that there is no reciprocation to be enjoyed. A large part of why and how this happens relates to the difference between helping customers and enabling them. When you help, you do … Continue reading

Questions to Ensure Business Plan Success


Asking tough questions helps ensure business plan success. Starting a business is tough and making it grow successful is even tougher. If you took the time to make a plan, you realize good plans lay the foundation for successful businesses. If you want your success to last, get feedback on your plan early and often. The most objective (and often best) feedback comes from people who know … Continue reading

The Pursuit of Happiness


Pursuit of Happiness The Research Modern research helps us in our pursuit of happiness. By studying identical twins, researchers have determined approximately about 50% of the variation in our happiness levels is determined by our genes makeup. This is called a genetic set point / range. This is the range of happiness we return after really good or bad things happen (our default operating zone). By studying … Continue reading

How to Interview – the Process & Elevator Speech


How to Interview – the Process & Elevator Speech Tina asked: I applied for a job online at a really large company, got a missed call from someone from their HR department that If I am still interested in the position call her back. I am going to return her call. Should I be prepared for a phone interview? I mean, what is the process? do they … Continue reading

Free Beer With Dinner!


Free Beer With Dinner Free beer is a good thing, but the fundamental theme of this video post includes a tip that will make sure sustainable results if you are looking to increase your revenue per customer. It doesn’t matter if you are getting your sales staff focused on inside sales, up-selling, and marketing added services. It doesn’t even matter if you have a sales staff. If … Continue reading